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240 Area Code Maryland555 is a central office telephone prefix in the North American Numbering plan

We understand the necessity of a smooth calling experience with your customers over phone. Till now you are facing hundreds of issues with this phone calling experience, but now we have come up with the best solution for your problems. Buy a virtual phone number for your business from Mycountry Mobile tech company. This company is one of the largest and quality service providers currently. Don’t be late in purchasing a phone number and boost the performance of your company.

555 area code- My country mobile

Check out the reasons why you should switch to the virtual phone number

Below are some of the reasons why you should switch:

1 : Landlines are a back -dated calling method, and virtual phones have overcome all the disadvantages.

2 : It needs no other device but your android phone is enough.

3 : Call receiver will see that you have called using a landline but you are not calling using that.

4 : So they will pay the same attention but you are saving dollars as well as giving the best audio quality.

5 : You don’t need any hardware configuration or maintain any cables for accessing the service.

6 : This is totally a wireless service, so any disaster or pandemic can’t stop you from your business.

What is the real usage of this 555 code in North America

The North American Numbering Plan Administration started to get applications where people wanted them to give 555 numbers nationwide. Any consumer could be invited to dial a seven digit phone number like 555-TAXI at the same time the owner of the phone number could be connected to the local car service. But the local phone companies didn’t cooperate to make it possible.

Back in 1996, Canadian companies promoted the 555 code as “name that number” which was a pay per use. That would give a subscriber name after the user enters an area code and listed telephone number. But later it was forgotten and was shut down.

How 555 code is used in North America

the 555 code is not an area code. It is used as the leading part of 10,000 telephone numbers for every numbering plan area. Traditionally, 555 is being used for only the provision of directory assistance while dialing. The number is used inside any phone number like area code-555-1212.

Why should you buy 555 number

It’s not for personal use. So buy it only for directory assistance or for fictitious telephone numbers mostly in television shows, movies or video games for the North American region.

These unique features are found in only our virtual phone service

Following are the unique features of 555 area code:

24/7 free customers services

Number activation within 60 seconds

Send and receive online faxes

Call recording, call waiting, call directing for free of costs totally

Unlimited calls and texting facilities

Send voicemails to the most busiest customers and gain respect for your brand

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  5. If you are selling your services or products online and targeting North American people mostly.

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A perfect networking customers channel is quite important to build a company reputation. Our calling facility will help you in this regard. Our fast cloud pbx calling system will increase your calling efficiency with almost zero interruption guarantee.

What is the charge for a virtual phone number?

The charge is only 4.99$ per month. This is the charge for only one single virtual phone number with an area code. But you will get to choose the phone number as well as the area code. Note that 4.99$ per month is the charge for only one single phone number with an area code. So to buy different area codes with phone numbers, you have to pay 4.99$ per month for each of the phone numbers.

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